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   AAirmax is your one stop industrial air supplier!

The Airmax Industries Mission

AirMax has created an environment for our employees where individuals are valued, challenged to meet their maximum potential, and contribute to our growth as well as that of our community.  Our primary mission is to be at the service of Canadian corporations and to play an important role in their success. AirMax is an active partner in the continuous search for solutions that will increase productivity and profitability for users of our products.

AirMax makes a commitment to its customers with the introduction of innovative programs, which aim to reduce pneumatic cost and increase profits through performance, safety, ergonomics and economical products.

AirMax is a service oriented company which does not only sell products, but rather supplies solutions and programs which perfectly fit the needs of the Canadian industry.

About our website

AirMax has painstakingly designed its website with our existing and potential clients in mind.  It needed to include all pertinent information that makes the day to day operations of our distributor partners easy and at the same time, offer them the opportunity to maximize their profits and better serve their customers.

Unlike a lot of companies, AirMax strives to be close to our supporters and be available when needed to help them grow their market share.  For this very reason we have made a who’s who list available further on our website.

We appreciate your comments on how our site can be improved and we will carefully evaluate the merits of your suggestions.

All About Us

AirMax is situated about 80kms south of Montreal in the beautiful Eastern Townships region of Quebec. From our 19,000sq. ft. location we serve the Industrial and Automotive after market throughout Canada. Having built strategic alliances with some of the largest transportation companies in Canada, this enables AirMax to ship on average 95% of the orders that are recieved and processed the same day.

When you consider that we stock well in excess of over 20,000 SKU's, that are needed to serve our ever growing customer base...... you will soon realize why AirMax has become one of the premier suppliers in today's market. We have in excess of 1600 authorized distributors that cen be found virtually anywhere coast to coast in Canada. These distributors have realized the many benefits that AirMax, as a supplier can contribute to their client offering.